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Points Are Updated!

The points for all divisions EXCEPT IMCA are now finalized. See them below.

The season finale, the Great Lakes Nationals, sponsored by Engine Pro and presented by ARP is in the books. This years winners were Josh Sternberg in the Street Stocks, Curtis Rice in the Pro Trucks, Timmy Near in the Pro Stocks, Johnny Miller in the Flinn Stocks, Garrett Wiles in the Late Models and taking home the big win in the IMCA Modifieds was rookie Mitchell Hunt. The Flinn family wishes to thank everyone involved, from fans to drivers, sponsors, and employees for making this another great year. The 2015 banquet will be in January. Further information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1            John DeYoung, Jr.        70            621
2            Myron DeYoung            7D            585
3            Chad Wernette            615            574
4            Gary VanderMark            10            572
5            Austin Wonch            98            532
6            Mitchell Hunt            38            530
7            Joe Fowler            19F            518
8            Cory Ruesink            48            510
9            A.J. Ward            20W            500
10            Jimmy Hale, Jr.            77X,77            500
11            Vern Buskirk            B76            485
12            Rusty Zeigler            776            470
13            Brenten DeYoung            71            446
14            Brady Hollenbeck            93H            359
15            Robert Putt            87            332
16            Chance Hoppes            99            322
17            Kody Johnson            19JR            309
18            Kenny Playter            42P,74            307
19            Dan Wiggins II            11W            305
20            Clifford Denman            24            301

Flinn Stocks                
Pos    Car #    Driver    Points    
1    29LE    Gabe Gesselman    575    
1    72,23    Kevin Rohn, Jr.    575    
3    18R,72    Allen Roszell    551    
4    X    Derrick Stahl    522    
5    11N,67    James Snyder    373    
6    67R    Taylor Runions    351    
7    66    Travis McGill    321    
8    18M    Kasondra Johnson    313    
9    99    Spencer Simon    312    
10    63    Rusty Sowles    263    
11    17C    Chris Strouse    242    
12    7J,11J    Justin Stahl    183    
13    42    Shellbie Shank    164    
14    69L    Brent Leadford    146    
15    29    Brian Hammond    134    
16    169S    Chuck Shaw    102    
17    74    Jeff Cooper    101    
18    522    Nick Davenport    97    
19    17    Josh Pulsipher    96    
20    522    Matt Stadt    90    
Late Models                
Pos    Car #    Driver    Points    
1    13    Scott Baker    698    
2    0X    Zack Olger    631    
3    111    Josh Borton    601    
4    55W    Amanda Wing    575    
5    52K    Ryan Kent    546    
6    87K    Joshua Knoll    541    
7    72    Kyle Borgman    534    
8    10    Tom Dusen    527    
9    16    Garrett Wiles    520    
10    9    Dean Huizenga    511    
11    6B    Doug Baird    463    
12    41    Jesse Playter    449    
13    73L    Logan Love    434    
14    11    Rachel Carpenter    433    
15    11C    Carl Ries    409    
16    610    Blaine Hendrick    385    
17    7M    Brad Mann    364    
18    23V    Ryan VanderVeen    347    
19    4P    Jason Playter, Jr.    285    
20    117    Kevin Reeve    262    
Pro Stocks                
Pos    Car #    Driver    Points    
1    26    Mike Vandermark, Jr.    644    
2    14    Nate Jones    633
3    11    Josh Loomis    627
4    77B    Rob Brillhart    598
5    25    Jake Headley    581
6    97    Nick Stormzand    573
7    94    Chad Raby    568
8    65    Don Rohn    561
9    O7    Jaycee Baker    520
10    44H    Blake Hollenbeck    504
11    80    Jeramie Raby    478
12    9T    Ryan Teeter    459
13    72    John Taylor    386
14    09C    Derek Crandall    326
15    3H    Rodney Heikkila    230
15    17D    Derek Schestag    230
17    71    Don Proctor, Jr.    213
18    6C    Bryan Craigmyle    172    
19    45    Mike Husted    157    
20    92    Kent Strong    153    
Street Stocks                
Pos    Car #    Driver    Points    
1    O6    James Prochazka    709    
2    O2    Will Stanley    674    
3    33    Doug McKeown, Sr.    642    
4    44    Cody Broersma    621    
5    16    Christina Haney    547    
6    68    Ron Harper    504    
7    64    David Pellerito    452    
8    1C    Travis Carman    377    
9    F5    Joel Field    338    
10    94P    Dennis Parker, Jr.    329    
11    73    Austin Wiley    317    
12    23    Terry Roberts, Jr.    303    
13    59X    Jay Chlebek    294    
14    6    Melvin Allen    282    
14    1    Ryan Alexander    282    
16    32T    Tony Vinton    257    
17    32    Paul Denny    242    
18    25X    Bobby Reed    228    
19    47    Trever Monk    190    
20    63    Kevin Rohn    175    
Pro Trucks                
Pos    Car #    Driver    Points    
1    51    Andrew Fidler    703    
2    92    Curtis Rice    691    
3    55    Dave Peters    683    
4    O1    Mickey Currier    667    
5    28    Paul Grosnickle    663    
6    88    Jim Emmons    601    
7    7D    Blake Doolittle    578    
8    40    Tim Wood    561    
9    7    Don Proctor III    402    
10    10    Bree Brasington    392    

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.

Mitchell Hunt Wins First Feature!

Mitchell Hunt IMCA Mods 6.27.15
Mitchell …
 June 27, 2015 - The All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature got off to an inauspicious start when point man Travis Fisher got turned around going into turn one on the opening lap, collecting Toby Steele who had nowhere to go.
Once back underway, John Row held the lead over Cliff Denman, and Mitchell Hunt. Hunt moved into second and began to slide under Row but couldn't make it stick. Hunt finally was able to take the point and the win with Wernette in second, followed by John DeYoung, Jr., Row, Denman, Aaron Raby, Austin Wonch, Joe Fowler, A.J. Ward, and Myron DeYoung.
John DeYoung gathered up the B Main with heats falling to Ward, Tim Sooy, and Denman. 

Myron DeYoung Scores 100th Win

Myron DeYoung IMCA 6.20.15
Myron DeY …
 June 20, 2015 - It didn't take too long for Myron DeYoung to get to the front of the pack in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature from his fourth row starting position and the multi time division champion began to pull away from the field.
With just a few laps left, a caution bunched the field with AJ Ward, another multi division champion, pulled to his back bumper but once the green fell, it was nothing but the 7D of DeYoung all the way to the checkers as DeYoung racked up his 100th career IMCA Modified win.
Ward settled for second, followed by Rusty Zeigler, Jeff Kohn, Vern Buskirk, Brady Hollenbeck, Joe Fowler, Brenten DeYoung, Austin Wonch, and Jimmy Hale, Jr..  
Chance Hoppes and Fowler advanced by way of B Main wins while Ward, Chad Wernette, John DeYoung, and Hollenbeck garnered heat gold.

DeYoung Jr Takes Feature Win

June 13, 2015 - Johnny DeYoung Jr. pulled off the win over AJ Ward in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature, dedicating the DeYoung family season in remembrance of John DeYoung Sr., the patriarch of the DeYoung racing family who passed away last week. Chance Hoppes was third, followed by Joe Fowler,
Gary VanderMark, Montana Bupp, Brenten DeYoung, Vern Buskirk, Jimmy Hale, Jr., and Austin Wonch. Toby Steele and Brody Bowser scored B Main wins and Ward, Brady Hollenbeck, Buskirk, and Aaron Raby went home with heat wins.

Myron DeYoung Takes Feature

Myron DeYoung IMCA 5.23.15
Myron DeY …
 May 23, 2015 - Myron DeYoung picked up another All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature with John DeYoung, Jr. coming in second, followed by Gary VanderMark, Joe Fowler, Kenny Playter, Mitchell Hunt, Brenten DeYoung, A.J. Ward, Brady Hollenbeck, and Jimmy Hale, Jr.. 
The B Mains fell to Hale and Chad Wernette while Brenten DeYoung, Fowler, Myron DeYoung, and Hunt gathered heat gold.

Wernette Takes Second Win of Season

Chad Wernette IMCA Mod CrystalMotorSpeedway 5.2.15
Chad Wern …
May 2, 2015 - In the AllStar Performance IMCA Modifieds, Chad Wernette out dueled Myron DeYoung for the win in an overall field of 35 cars. John DeYoung Jr. wasn't far back in third, followed by Brody Bowser, A.J. Ward, Joe Fowler, Austin Wonch, John Taylor, Brenten DeYoung, and Mitchell Hunt.
John Taylor and Brenten DeYoung with heat gold falling to Dan Wiggins II, Ward, Myron DeYoung, and Wernette.

VanderMark Takes Feature

Gary VanderMark IMCA Mod 6.6.15
Gary Vand …
Milt Montgomeryheld the early lead in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified event with Dan Wiggins, Tim Sooy, and Myron DeYoung in tow. DeYoung made a  furious charge and pulled almost even with Montgomery. DeYoung made the pass for the lead with three to go but lost an engine coming in for the white flag. Gary VanderMark jumped up from second and went on to win the feature over Wernette, Joe Fowler, Ken Ziegler, Brody Bowser, Sooy, Jimmy Hale, Jr., Robert Putt, Brady Hollenbeck, and Toby Steele.
Fowler and John DeYoung won B Mains with Mitchell Hunt, Steele, Bowser, and VanderMark all taking heats.  

Hale Outlasts In Restarts To Win

Jimmy Hale Jr. IMCA Mod CMS 5.16.15
Jimmy Hal …
 May 16, 2015 - Vern Buskirk held sway in the opening laps of the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature before finally being overtaken by Jimmy Hale Jr about lap ten. Hale had to outlast a couple restarts but held on to win the event over Dan Wiggins II, John DeYoung, Jr., Chad Wernette, Myron DeYoung, Kenny Playter, A.J. Ward, Rusty Zeigler, Robert Putt, and Brenten DeYoung. 
Wernette and Joe Fowler advanced via B Main wins with heats being taken by Fowler, Wiggins, Playter and Buskirk.

Wernette Is Always Ready For a Win

Chad Wernette IMCA Mod 4.26.15
Chad Wern …
Chad Wernette topped A.J. Ward to take the win in the All Star Performance IMCA Modified event. Myron DeYoung followed in a close third, followed by Gary VanderMark, Cory Ruesink, Brenten DeYoung, Chance Hoppes, Austin Wonch, Mitchell Hunt, and Drew Wilkerson.
Jerry Hunt and Robert Putt took home B Main wins while heats were won by Wernette, Myron DeYoung, Ward, and Johnny DeYoung Jr.