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Racing On The Fourth!!

This week at Crystal Motor Speedway is a celebration of the Fourth of July with a full schedule of all six normal divisions and includes the annual fireworks display. Due to the way the government is handling the holiday, this will only be a one day show instead of the normal two day event. Adults are $15, kids 5-11 are $5 and pit passes are $25. Pit gates open at 4:30, grand stand gates open at 5 PM. Further information is available by calling the track office at 989.235.5200  The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

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We will be live streaming the races July 4th  starting about 7:25 or so and you can watch on your pc HERE or  HERE while I-Pad users can watch HERE The other link for I-pads or I-pods is here

News You Need! - A)The Michigan Traditional Sprints will return to CMS on August 15th after being rained out last week. B) Pursuant to tightening State and local laws, campers need to register to camp at the track. At this time, there is no fee but you must register. Both the grandstand ticket booth and the pit booths have the forms. C) All four wheelers, golf carts and or other forms of camp ground 'transportation' must be registered and have some type of identifying sign or number on them. Ask at one of the booths for more information!  

The track has plenty of primitive camping available.  More information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

Our "R Word" list has topped out at over 1800 people so far. It has come to my attention that some of you did not get an email notification of the last couple rain offs despite asking to be added. A bit of research is showing me that I may have too many people on the list (over 1800 now) and Google decides who gets emails and who doesn't. To this end, I am breaking up the old list and making a second list to augment the first. If you did not get an email after signing up, please send me a new request and I'll add your name to the new list to make sure you get notified. Thanks. Let's get get the 'lost' home again! You can join our "R Word" list by sending an email or TEXTING to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are on the list and your email has changed, drop me a note!
There was a modification to the rules concerning transponders. While it was changed in the rules, I failed to post here it here. This rule was modified April 21st, 2015. It says: "18. Transponders must be mounted on the right side and the back of rear axle and in an orange transponder pouch. If your transponder falls off you may not be scored and you will be responsible for replacing the transponder.Any racer caught trying to modify or deliberately changing location of transponder will be disqualified."  Check with your tech inspector if you have questions.
The 2015 rules packages are here: LATE MODEL, IMCA, PRO STOCK, STREET STOCK, and the GENERAL CMS RULES. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you have been able to reach me since this site started back in 1993. I have or can get you the honest answer far more often than you can get it on FaceBook. You may find this hard to believe but not everything you read on FB is true.

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


Mitchell Hunt Wins First Feature!

Mitchell Hunt IMCA Mods 6.27.15
Mitchell …
 June 27, 2015 - The All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature got off to an inauspicious start when point man Travis Fisher got turned around going into turn one on the opening lap, collecting Toby Steele who had nowhere to go.
Once back underway, John Row held the lead over Cliff Denman, and Mitchell Hunt. Hunt moved into second and began to slide under Row but couldn't make it stick. Hunt finally was able to take the point and the win with Wernette in second, followed by John DeYoung, Jr., Row, Denman, Aaron Raby, Austin Wonch, Joe Fowler, A.J. Ward, and Myron DeYoung.
John DeYoung gathered up the B Main with heats falling to Ward, Tim Sooy, and Denman. 

Myron DeYoung Scores 100th Win

Myron DeYoung IMCA 6.20.15
Myron DeY …
 June 20, 2015 - It didn't take too long for Myron DeYoung to get to the front of the pack in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature from his fourth row starting position and the multi time division champion began to pull away from the field.
With just a few laps left, a caution bunched the field with AJ Ward, another multi division champion, pulled to his back bumper but once the green fell, it was nothing but the 7D of DeYoung all the way to the checkers as DeYoung racked up his 100th career IMCA Modified win.
Ward settled for second, followed by Rusty Zeigler, Jeff Kohn, Vern Buskirk, Brady Hollenbeck, Joe Fowler, Brenten DeYoung, Austin Wonch, and Jimmy Hale, Jr..  
Chance Hoppes and Fowler advanced by way of B Main wins while Ward, Chad Wernette, John DeYoung, and Hollenbeck garnered heat gold.

DeYoung Jr Takes Feature Win

June 13, 2015 - Johnny DeYoung Jr. pulled off the win over AJ Ward in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature, dedicating the DeYoung family season in remembrance of John DeYoung Sr., the patriarch of the DeYoung racing family who passed away last week. Chance Hoppes was third, followed by Joe Fowler,
Gary VanderMark, Montana Bupp, Brenten DeYoung, Vern Buskirk, Jimmy Hale, Jr., and Austin Wonch. Toby Steele and Brody Bowser scored B Main wins and Ward, Brady Hollenbeck, Buskirk, and Aaron Raby went home with heat wins.

Myron DeYoung Takes Feature

Myron DeYoung IMCA 5.23.15
Myron DeY …
 May 23, 2015 - Myron DeYoung picked up another All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature with John DeYoung, Jr. coming in second, followed by Gary VanderMark, Joe Fowler, Kenny Playter, Mitchell Hunt, Brenten DeYoung, A.J. Ward, Brady Hollenbeck, and Jimmy Hale, Jr.. 
The B Mains fell to Hale and Chad Wernette while Brenten DeYoung, Fowler, Myron DeYoung, and Hunt gathered heat gold.

Wernette Takes Second Win of Season

Chad Wernette IMCA Mod CrystalMotorSpeedway 5.2.15
Chad Wern …
May 2, 2015 - In the AllStar Performance IMCA Modifieds, Chad Wernette out dueled Myron DeYoung for the win in an overall field of 35 cars. John DeYoung Jr. wasn't far back in third, followed by Brody Bowser, A.J. Ward, Joe Fowler, Austin Wonch, John Taylor, Brenten DeYoung, and Mitchell Hunt.
John Taylor and Brenten DeYoung with heat gold falling to Dan Wiggins II, Ward, Myron DeYoung, and Wernette.

VanderMark Takes Feature

Gary VanderMark IMCA Mod 6.6.15
Gary Vand …
Milt Montgomeryheld the early lead in the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified event with Dan Wiggins, Tim Sooy, and Myron DeYoung in tow. DeYoung made a  furious charge and pulled almost even with Montgomery. DeYoung made the pass for the lead with three to go but lost an engine coming in for the white flag. Gary VanderMark jumped up from second and went on to win the feature over Wernette, Joe Fowler, Ken Ziegler, Brody Bowser, Sooy, Jimmy Hale, Jr., Robert Putt, Brady Hollenbeck, and Toby Steele.
Fowler and John DeYoung won B Mains with Mitchell Hunt, Steele, Bowser, and VanderMark all taking heats.  

Hale Outlasts In Restarts To Win

Jimmy Hale Jr. IMCA Mod CMS 5.16.15
Jimmy Hal …
 May 16, 2015 - Vern Buskirk held sway in the opening laps of the All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature before finally being overtaken by Jimmy Hale Jr about lap ten. Hale had to outlast a couple restarts but held on to win the event over Dan Wiggins II, John DeYoung, Jr., Chad Wernette, Myron DeYoung, Kenny Playter, A.J. Ward, Rusty Zeigler, Robert Putt, and Brenten DeYoung. 
Wernette and Joe Fowler advanced via B Main wins with heats being taken by Fowler, Wiggins, Playter and Buskirk.

Wernette Is Always Ready For a Win

Chad Wernette IMCA Mod 4.26.15
Chad Wern …
Chad Wernette topped A.J. Ward to take the win in the All Star Performance IMCA Modified event. Myron DeYoung followed in a close third, followed by Gary VanderMark, Cory Ruesink, Brenten DeYoung, Chance Hoppes, Austin Wonch, Mitchell Hunt, and Drew Wilkerson.
Jerry Hunt and Robert Putt took home B Main wins while heats were won by Wernette, Myron DeYoung, Ward, and Johnny DeYoung Jr.