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Saturday is Done...
Well... Mostly! See Ya Sunday!


The Races On The Web Flinn Stock division was taken by Benjamin Nott while the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Model event was postponed until Sunday evening due to a massive pile up in the second lap that involved 15 of the 18 cars in the event. The make up feature will be the first event of the night.  Chad Raby dominated the Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature while the Engine Pro Pro Truck feature went to Andrew Fidler. Myron DeYoung picked up another All-Star Performance IMCA Modified feature with the final feature of the night was the Street Stock feature being taken by Melvin Allen.

Racing action continues Sunday night with the first showing of the Michigan Traditional Sprints joining the lineup with the Flinn Stocks have the night off. The track has plenty of primitive camping available. Pit gates open at 4:30 and the main grandstands opening at 5PM. Adult prices to the grand stands will be $15 while the kids prices remain at $5 and the pit passes are still $25. More information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

We will be live streaming the races tonight starting about 7:25 or so and you can watch on your pc HERE while I-Pad users can watch HERE The other link for I-pads or I-pods is here
Our "R Word" list has topped out at over 1200 people so far. Naturally, I was on the road when Ron called me so I was a bit slow getting it out. When the notification for this cancellation went out, I had over 43 bounce backs. If you had registered and didn't get a notice, PLEASE send me a new request. I deleted the bounce backs from my list. Let's get get the 'lost' home again! You can join our "R Word" list by sending an email or TEXTING to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are on the list and your email has changed, drop me a note!
There was a modification to the rules concerning transponders. While it was changed in the rules, I failed to post here it here. This rule was modified April 21st, 2015. It says: "18. Transponders must be mounted on the right side and the back of rear axle and in an orange transponder pouch. If your transponder falls off you may not be scored and you will be responsible for replacing the transponder.Any racer caught trying to modify or deliberately changing location of transponder will be disqualified."  Check with your tech inspector if you have questions.
The 2015 rules packages are here: LATE MODEL, IMCA, PRO STOCK, STREET STOCK, and the GENERAL CMS RULES. The 2015 SCHEDULE IS HERE.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you have been able to reach me since this site started back in 1993. I have or can get you the honest answer far more often than you can get it on FaceBook. You may find this hard to believe but not everything you read on FB is true.

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


May 25, 2013

WINNERS 5.25.13 (336)
May 25, 2013

Scott Baker takes feature win.

WINNERS 5.25.13 (336)
Text Late Models 5/25/2013
A Feature:1. Scott Baker (Ionia, MI), 2. Zack Olger (St. Johns, MI), 3. Rob Taylor (Muskegon, MI), 4. Keith Gentz (Grant, MI), 5. Ryan VanderVeen (Six Lakes, MI), 6. Dean Huizenga (Belmont, MI), 7. Scott Nieman (Ithaca, MI), 8. Matt Pickard (Grant, MI), 9. Blaine Hendrick (Sidney, MI), 10. Jim Fairbanks (Coopersville, MI), 11. Sam Epling (Perry, MI), 12. Mike Fountain (Holt, MI), 13. Bill Beardslee (Edmore, MI), 14. Dan DeLong (Ithaca, MI), 15. Carl Ries (Blanchard, MI), 16. James Neff (Mt. Pleasant, MI), 17. Kevin Nelson, Jr. (Muskegon, MI), 18. Tom Dusen (Muskegon, MI),

B Feature Three 1:1. Zack Olger (St. Johns, MI), 2. Scott Nieman (Ithaca, MI), 3. Kevin Nelson, Jr. (Muskegon, MI), 4. Bry Sloan (Lowell, MI), 5. Brad Buskirk (Alma, MI), 6. Amanda Wing, 7. Mike Heys (Wyoming, MI), 8. Kurt Mesman (Wyoming, MI), 9. Bill Trueblood, Jr. (Ionia, MI), 10. Randy Whitten (Muskegon, MI),

B Feature Three 2:1. Carl Ries (Blanchard, MI), 2. Jim Fairbanks (Coopersville, MI), 3. Ryan VanderVeen (Six Lakes, MI), 4. Rachel Carpenter (Laingsburg, MI), 5. Renton Hurley (Caro, MI), 6. Kyle Borgman (Muskegon, MI), 7. Logan Love (Vestaburg, MI), 8. Jason Borton (Vestaburg, MI), 9. Kris Patterson, Jr. (St. Johns, MI),

Heat 1:1. Tom Dusen (Muskegon, MI), 2. Scott Baker (Ionia, MI), 3. James Neff (Mt. Pleasant, MI), 4. Kurt Mesman (Wyoming, MI), 5. Bill Trueblood, Jr. (Ionia, MI), 6. Amanda Wing, 7. Brad Buskirk (Alma, MI), 8. Mike Heys (Wyoming, MI),

Heat 2:1. Matt Pickard (Grant, MI), 2. Bill Beardslee (Edmore, MI), 3. Keith Gentz (Grant, MI), 4. Jim Fairbanks (Coopersville, MI), 5. Kris Patterson, Jr. (St. Johns, MI), 6. Renton Hurley (Caro, MI), 7. Kyle Borgman (Muskegon, MI), 8. Logan Love (Vestaburg, MI),

Heat 3:1. Mike Fountain (Holt, MI), 2. Dean Huizenga (Belmont, MI), 3. Rob Taylor (Muskegon, MI), 4. Bry Sloan (Lowell, MI), 5. Kevin Nelson, Jr. (Muskegon, MI), 6. Scott Nieman (Ithaca, MI), 7. Randy Whitten (Muskegon, MI), 8. Zack Olger (St. Johns, MI),

Heat 4:1. Dan DeLong (Ithaca, MI), 2. Sam Epling (Perry, MI), 3. Blaine Hendrick (Sidney, MI), 4. Carl Ries (Blanchard, MI), 5. Ryan VanderVeen (Six Lakes, MI), 6. Rachel Carpenter (Laingsburg, MI), 7. Jason Borton (Vestaburg, MI),