June 7 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Brandon Bayliss, IMCA Mods Feature Winner, June 7, 2014
Brandon B …
The Port City Race Car IMCA Modified feature event saw a major pile up on the second lap in turn one involving at least eight cars but most of the competitors were able to continue.

Brandon Baylis grabbed the lead with Chad Wernette fighting his way into second after being one of the crashed cars earlier. Ruesink, Johnny DeYoung, Jr, and Jimmy Hale Jr made up the top five.

AJ Ward began to move forward, breaking into the top five with six to go. Wernette began to motor his way beside the leader but in the process, they touched and Wernette was sent to the rear as the caution car. Baylis pulled away to a small lead and held on to grab his first IMCA Modified feature over Johnny DeYoung, Hale, Jr., Ward, Myron DeYoung, Brenten DeYoung, Ruesink, Mike Shanteau, Austin Wonch, and Vern Buskirk.

Brody Bowser, Kenny Playter, Chad Precord, and Hale Jr all racked up victories in the heats with B Mains falling to Brennan Hunt and Brenten DeYoung. 

Official Results - IMCA Modifieds, June 7, 2014

  1. Brandon Baylis
  2. John DeYoung, Jr
  3. Jimmy Hale, Jr
  4. A.J. Ward
  5. Myron DeYoung
  6. Brenten DeYoung
  7. Corey Ruesink
  8. Mike Shanteau
  9. Austin Wonch
  10. Vern Buskirk
  11. Kenny Playter
  12. Brennen Hunt
  13. Rusty Zeigler
  14. Chad Precord
  15. Chad Wernette
  16. Brad Stanke
  17. Travis Fisher
  18. Toby Steele, Sr
  19. Ken Zeigler
  20. Brody Bowser 

B Main

  1. Brennen Hunt
  2. Travis Fisher
  3. Brad Stanke
  4. Austin Wonch
  5. Robert Putt
  6. John Row
  7. Ashlee Scott
  8. Gerald Taylor
  9. Josh Gallagher
  10. Montana Bupp
  11. Kody Johnson

B Main

  1. Brenten DeYoung
  2. Mike Shanteau
  3. Vern Buskirk
  4. Toby Steele, Sr
  5. Tim Sooy
  6. Scott Glidden
  7. Christopher Diethrich
  8. Tyson Minier
  9. Brooke Ann Brasington
  10. David Doty
  11. Chris Higgins
Heat 1
  1. Brody Bowser
  2. John DeYoung, Jr
  3. Chad Wernette
  4. Brennen Hunt
  5. Travis Fisher
  6. Gerald Taylor
  7. Ashlee Scott
  8. Josh Gallagher
  9. Kody Johnson
Heat 2
  1. Chad Precord
  2. Myron DeYoung
  3. Brandon Baylis
  4. Brenten DeYoung
  5. Vern Buskirk
  6. Scott Glidden
  7. Tim Sooy
  8. Toby Steele, Sr
Heat 3
  1. Kenny Playter
  2. A.J. Ward
  3. Rusty Zeigler
  4. Brad Stanke
  5. Robert Putt
  6. John Row
  7. Montana Bupp
  8. Austin Wonch
  9. Brooke Ann Brasington
Heat 4
  1. Jimmy Hale, Jr
  2. Corey Ruesink
  3. Ken Zeigler
  4. Mike Shanteau
  5. Chris Higgins
  6. David Doty
  7. Tyson Minier
  8. Christopher Diethrich