Olger Finishes - In First !

Zach Olger LM 4.26.15
Zach Olge …
 April 25, 2015 - Zach Olger held off a persistent Kevin Reeve to take the KFC Late Model feature. Kyle Borgman followed in third, followed by Scott Baker, Ryan VanderVeen, Rob Taylor, Scott Philips, Joshua Knoll, Josh Borton, and Dean Huizenga.
B Main wins went to Knoll and Amanda Wing while heats fell to Baker, Scott Haney, and Olger. 


B Main - 1

  1. Zach Olger 
  2. Kevin Reeve 
  3. Kyle Borgman 
  4. Scott Baker
  5. Ryan VanderVeen 
  6. Rob Taylor 
  7. Scott Philips
  8. Joshua Knoll 
  9. Josh Borton
  10. Dean Huizenga
  11. Amanda Wing
  12. Logan Love
  13. Don Proctor, Jr.
  14. Carl Ries
  15. Doug Baird
  16. David Hilliker
  17. Jason Playter, Jr
  18. Scott Haney
  1. Joshua Knoll
  2. Jason Playter, Jr.
  3. Josh Borton
  4. Jeremy Hand
  5. Dan Gehring 
  6. Ryan Lanphierd
  7. Butch Strait
  8. Tim Moorman

B Main - 2

Heat 1

  1. Amanda Wing 
  2. Doug Baird 
  3. Logan Love 
  4. Curt Mesman 
  5. Logan Arntz 
  6. Blaine Hendrick 
  7. Tom Dusen
  8. Megan Carpenter
  1. Scott Baker 
  2. Dean Huizenga
  3. Kyle Borgman 
  4. Don Proctor, Jr
  5. Jeremy Hand 
  6. Megan Carpenter  
  7. Ryan Lanphierd
  8. Amanda Wing
  9. Butch Strait
  10. Tom Dusen

Heat 2

Heat 3

  1. Scott Haney 
  2. Carl Ries 
  3. Scott Philips. 
  4. David Hilliker
  5. Doug Baird 
  6. Josh Borton 
  7. Logan Arntz 
  8. Dan Gehring 
  9. Curt Mesman
  1. Zach Olger 
  2. Rob Taylor
  3. Ryan VanderVeen 
  4. Kevin Reeve 
  5. Jason Playter, Jr
  6. Blaine Hendrick
  7. Joshua Knoll
  8. Logan Love
  9. Tim Moorman

Olger Falls Out - Baker Endures

Scott Baker, Late Model  Feature Winner, April 18, 2015
Scott Bak …
April 18, 2015 - Zack Olger grabbed the lead out of the gate in the Late Model feature and looked to be on his way to a good finish when he  suddenly pulled to the infield with mechanical issues. Last years division champion, Scott Baker, took the lead and went on to hold off all comers as he began his march to repeat for the championship. He was followed by Steve Fairbanks, Joshua Knoll, Scott Philips, Garrett Wiles, Kris Patterson, Jr., Tom Dusen, Logan Love, Josh Borton, and Amanda Wing. 
B Main wins went to Kyle Borgman and Love while heats wins were racked up by Doug Baird, Borton, and Patterson Jr. 

Olger Is GLN Late Model Champion

Zach Olger, Late Motel  - Winner Great Lakes Nationals
Zach Olge …
Zack Olger ran a tight line and went home $2000 richer for his efforts as he won the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late model event in a close race with Kevin Reeve and Josh Borton. Rob Taylor took fourth, followed by Derrick Hilliker, Amanda Wing, Jesse Playter, Ryan Kent, Doug Baird, and Kurt Mesman. 

Borton and Olger also took heat wins.

August 31 - Keller & Hilliker

Outlaw Late Models - David Hilliker, Feature Winner - August 31, 2014
Outlaw La …
Chris Keller beat out Dan Borgman in the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Model feature with Renton Hurley, Brennan Bowen, Scott Nieman, Doug Baird, Kurt Mesman, Jason Playter, Jr., Rachel Carpenter, and Joshua Knoll rounding out the 21 car field.

Keller and Brennen Bowen won heats.

Late Model - Chris Keller, Feature Winner - August 31, 2014
Late Mode …
David Hillaker survived an incident when Zach Olger had a flat tire, sending both drivers to the infield in the Outlaw Late Model series. Hilliker had to battle with Carl Ries to finally win the Outlaw Late model event. Matt Pickard, Steve Fairbanks, Ryan Lanphierd, Joshua Knoll, Zack Olger, Richie Sutherland, Nathan Hurley, and Jason Parkhurst made up the rest of the top ten.
Pickard grabbed the fast car dash while Hilliker and Olger scored heats.