Raby Takes PS Feature

Benjamin Nott FS 5.23.15
Benjamin …
 May 23, 2015 - Chad Raby dominated the Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature while Jeff Kohn and Josh Loomis closed toward the end for second and third. Mike VanderMark, Jr. grabbed fourth, followed by Derek Schestag, Jake Headley,
Jeramie Raby, Rob Brillhart, Derek Crandall, and Mike Husted.
Crandall and VanderMark Jr gathered preliminary wins.

Hollenbeck Wiggles - Loomis Wins

Josh Loomis PS CMS 5.16.15
Josh Loom …
 May 16, 2015 - Blake Hollenbeck pulled out front and ran away in the early going of the Port City Racecar Pro Stocks with Mike VanderMark Jr and Josh Loomis about ten lengths back. Hollenbeck got loose, allowing Loomis to take the lead
and eventually the win.
VanderMark, Jr. was a close second, followed by Rob Brillhart, Hollenbeck, Chad Raby, Jake Headley, Nick Stormzand, Jeramie Raby, Derek Crandall, and Derek Schestag.
Loomis and Don Rohn collected heat gold.

Brillhart Sweeps Over Jones, Headly

Rob Brillhart Pro Stock 5.2.15
Rob Brill …
 May, 2015 - Rob Brillhart held a huge lead for most of the Port City Racecar Pro Stock feature and then had to keep Nate Jones behind him in the final couple laps for the win. Jake Headley finished third, followed by Blake Hollenbeck, Derek Schestag, Josh Loomis, Chad Raby, Jeramie Raby, Gary Buskirk, and Nick Rohloff.
Mike VanderMark Jr and Rob Brillhart collect the wins in the preliminary races.

Jones Sweeps To Feature Win

Nate Jones, Pro Stock  Feature Winner, April 18, 2015
Nate Jone …
April 18, 2015 - The first feature of the 2015 was the Pro Stock division that saw Mike VanderMark, Jr  grab the opening lead and slowly pull away. VanderMark was off to what seemed like an easy win when something went awry in his machine and he pulled into the infield, handing the lead over to Jake Headley. Headley held tight for several laps before being overtaken by  Nate Jones. Jones went on to out duel Don Rohn for the first feature winner of the season. Headley came home third, followed by Ken O'Connor, Gary Buskirk, Jaycee Baker, Nick Stormzand, Josh Loomis, Jeramie Raby, and VanderMark, Jr..
Jones and Rohn put heat heats in their career stat books.

John Taylor Is Final PS Winner of 2014

John Taylor, Pro Stock  - Winner Great Lakes Nationals
John Tayl …
John Taylor staved off some tough competition as he won the Port City Racing Pro Stock event over Steve Hilliker, Nate Jones, Chaney Newland, Dick Reynolds, Rob Brillhart, Derek Crandall, Blake Hollenbeck, Dale Kaake, Jr., and Don Rohn. 

Jeramie Raby and Gary VanderMark took heat gold. 

August 31 - Jones to Pro Stock & Feature Win

Pro Stock - Nates Jones, Feature Winner - August 31, 2014
Pro Stock …
Nate Jones moved from the Pro Trucks to the Port City Race Car Pro Stocks and proved his success in the Trucks was no fluke as he held off Jesse Player to win the Pro Stock feature followed by Don Rohn, Mike Husted, Gary VanderMark, John Taylor, Blake Hollenbeck, John Robbins, Dale Kaake, Jr., and Barry Rinard. Jesse Playter.
Timmy Near and Rodney Heikkila posed for heat win photos.