August 4, 2012

Don Rohn got out front early in the Port City Racing Pro Stock feature

Feature Winner Pro Stocks - August 4, 2012

and then held off Chaney Newland to win his second feature event of the year. Vern Buskirk grabbed third, followed by Josh Loomis, Jeramie Raby, Jason Playter, Jr., Ryan Kent, Mike Husted, Blake Hollenbeck, and Todd Bush. Raby and Rohn wracked up feature wins.

Pro Stocks 8/4/2012

A Feature:1. Don Rohn (Sheridan, MI), 2. Chaney Newland (, MI), 3. Vern Buskirk (Crystal, MI), 4. Josh Loomis (Weidman, MI), 5. Jeramie Raby (Riverdale, MI), 6. Jason Playter, Jr. (Saranac, MI), 7. Ryan Kent (Greenville, Mi), 8. Mike Husted (Ionia, MI), 9. Blake Hollenbeck (Sidney, MI), 10. Todd Bush (Hudsonville, MI), 11. Marty Sowles (Stanton, MI), 12. Mike Vandermark, Jr. (Sand Lake, MI), 13. Jacob Headley (Belding, MI), 14. Reb Marble (Ithaca, MI), 15. Rob Brillhart (Crystal, MI), 16. Barry Rinard (Brant, MI), 17. Gary Buskirk (Stanton, MI), 18. Ryan Teeter (Crystal, MI), 19. Lucas Hubbell (Hastings, MI),




Heat 1:1. Jeramie Raby (Riverdale, MI), 2. Barry Rinard (Brant, MI), 3. Jacob Headley (Belding, MI), 4. Chaney Newland (, MI), 5. Ryan Kent (Greenville, Mi), 6. Mike Husted (Ionia, MI), 7. Marty Sowles (Stanton, MI), 8. Todd Bush (Hudsonville, MI), 9. Mike Vandermark, Jr. (Sand Lake, MI), 10. Ryan Teeter (Crystal, MI),




Heat 2:1. Don Rohn (Sheridan, MI), 2. Josh Loomis (Weidman, MI), 3. Vern Buskirk (Crystal, MI), 4. Jason Playter, Jr. (Saranac, MI), 5. Rob Brillhart (Crystal, MI), 6. Blake Hollenbeck (Sidney, MI), 7. Reb Marble (Ithaca, MI), 8. Gary Buskirk (Stanton, MI), 9. Lucas Hubbell (Hastings, MI),