Fidler Takes Win On Caution Re-Start

Andrew Fidler PT 6.27.15
Andrew Fi …
 June 27, 2015 - Dave Peters jumped out to a huge lead in the Engine Pro Pro Truck division feature with Paul Grosnickle riding in his tracks. Andrew Fidler and Curtis Rice, and Drew Wilkerson began to challenge for second. Fidler moved into second and was reeling in the leader when a truck spun in turn two, putting Peters back out front.
The restart found Peters and Fidler in a side by side duel for three laps before Fidler made his way clear and took the lead with seven to go. No one was able to pull in the high flying Fidler as he went on to win over Peters, Jim Emmons, Tim Wood, Grosnickle, Blake Doolittle, Wilkerson, Rice, Shane Spencer, and Bree Brasington.
Peters claimed the heat race.

Currer Takes Win After Hitting Wall

Mickey Currier PT 6.20.15
Mickey Cu …
 June 20, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck division was the final event of the night that saw Jim Emmons take the lead over Dave Peters. Andrew Fidler began to make his move for the lead but got crossed up, went low on the track and then swung hard into the turn one wall.
When the green flew again, it was Smokey Grosnickle at the point, followed by Emmons, Peters, and Mickey Currier. With five to go, Currier began to press Grosnickle and they tangled, sending the leader across the track where he ended up slapping the wall.  Grosnickle was deemed the caution car, giving the lead to Currier and eventually the win. Peters came home second, followed by Rohn, Tim Woods, Emmons, Kevin Rohn, Don Proctor, Jr., Grosnickle, Bree Brasington, Fidler, and Curtis
Wood and Fidler grabbed heats.

Rice Over Fidler and Proctor

Curtis Rice PT 6.615
Curtis Ri …
The Engine Pro Pro Truck feature got rolling with Ryan Paradise in the lead but a four truck log jam at the front developed, causing a caution. Paradiselead Smokey Grosnickle and Andrew Fidler at the green but coming out of turn two, Grosnickle took the lead. Fidler took the lead but Curtis Rice moved up and began to chase down Fidler and overtook him with four to go.
Rice held on to win over Fidler, Don Proctor, Jr., Grosnickle, Dave Peters, Mickey Currier, Paradise, Don Proctor III, Jim Emmons, and Bree Brasington.
Grosnickle and Rice scored heat  gold.

Rice Proves "Rubbin Is Racin !"

Curtis Rice PT CMS 5.16.15
Curtis Ri …
 May 2, 2015 - Tim Wood got out to an early lead in the Engine Pro Pro Truck division with Curtis Rice not far back. With laps winding down, Rice began to pressure Wood and the two got together coming down the back stretch and came down to the checker with Rice winning by a nose. 
Wood grabbed second, followed by Paul Grosnickle,  Dave Peters, Shane Spencer, Laurie Mortensen, Blake Doolittle, Mickey Currier, Andrew Fidler, and Ryan Paradise.
Fidler and Grosnickle copped heat wins.

Fidler Over Wood

Andrew Fidler PT 4.26.15
Andrew Fi …
 April 25, 2015 - Andrew Fidler and Tim Wood put on  a good show early before Fidler finally pulled away to win the Engine Pro Pro Truck event. Wood bested Paul Grosnickle for second with Bree Brasington, Dave Peters, James McKeown, Curtis Rice, Mickey Currier, Brad Emelander and Blake Doolittle finishing up the top ten.
Currier and Rice brought home heat gold.

Currier, Rice, Fidler

 June 13, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck division went twenty laps green to check and in the end, it came down to Mickey Currier using a slower truck to take his first win of the season away from Andrew Fidler. The two had run side by side for most of the last third of the race. Bree Brasington ran a strong third, followed by Curtis Rice, Paul Grosnickle, Tim Wood, Dave Peters, Jim Emmons, Don Proctor, Jr., and Don Proctor III. 
Rice and Fidler took heat events.

Fidler Sweeps Pro Trucks

Andrew Fidler PT 5.23.15
Andrew Fi …
May 23, 2015 - The Engine Pro Pro Truck feature went to Andrew Fidler after a tough battle with Curtis Rice. Mickey Currier went home third, followed by Don Proctor, Jr., James McKeown, Jim Emmons,, Laurie Mortensen, Blake Doolittle, Bree Brasington, and Shane Spencer.
Emmons and Fidler garnered heat gold.

Fidler Starts Streak

Andrew Fidler Pro Truck 5.2.15
Andrew Fi …
 May 2, 2015 - Kevin Rohn lead the majority of the Engine Pro Pro Truck event but experienced a handling issue allowing a hard charging Andrew Fidler to pass him for the lead and the win. Curtis Rice grabbed a third place finish, followed by Tim Wood, Shane Spencer, Paul Grosnickle, Dave Peters, Jim Emmons, Laurie Mortensen, and James McKeown.
Heats wins were collected by Wood and Mickey Currier.

Rice Edges Fidler To Win

Curtis Rice, Pro Truck  Feature Winner, April 18, 2015
Curtis Ri …
April 18, 2015 - In the Pro Truck division, Andrew Fidler lead the early going, followed closely by Curtis Rice and Paul Grosnickle. As they came into the final laps, Fidler began to get heavy pressure from Rice and the two battled side by side for several laps before Rice finally over took him for the lead and then the win in an exciting finish. Fidler came home second, followed by Grosnickle, Mickey Currier, Bree Brasington, Dave Peters, James McKeown, Jim Emmons, Blake Doolittle, and Shane Spencer. 
Fidler and Grosnickle garnered heat gold.