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Prochazka Takes Last 2014 Street Stock Win

Kyle Prochaska, Street Stock  - Winner Great Lakes Nationals
Kyle Proc …
The Street Stock feature saw 30 cars start in a three wide, ten deep line up and when the checker fell, it was Kyle Prochazka topping the field. Rob Brillhart and   Jasen Wiley were close behind, followed by Mike VanderMark, Jr., Mike Chlebek, Jr., Josh Sternberg, Doug Helsel, Josh Loomis, Jay Chlebek, and Michael Vandecar. 


Chlebek claimed the B Main win with heats going to Wiley, Prochazka, Brillhart, and Kevin Rohn. 

August 31 - Last of Regular Season

Street Stock - Jasen Wiley, Feature Winner - August 31, 2014
Street St …
The Street Stock winner was Jasen Wiley in a good battle with Jay Chlebek. Rob Brillhart came home third, followed by Derek Poland, Don Rohn, Aaron Spearling, Josh Sternberg, Dan Wilson,
Doug Helsel, and Drew Wilkerson. Wilkerson and Michael Vandecar advanced to the big dance by winning B Mains with heats being claimed by Wiley, Spearling, and Wilson.
Official Results - Street Stocks, August 31, 2014
  1. Jasen Wiley
  2. Mike Chlebek, Jr
  3. Rob Brillhart
  4. Derek Poland
  5. Don Rohn
  6. Aaron Spearling
  7. Josh Sternberg
  8. Dan Wilson
  9. Doug Helsel
  10. Drew Wilkerson
  11. Jerid Bisson
  12. Troy Goodrich
  13. Tracy Kile
  14. Tyler Brillhart
  15. Kevin Lipp
  16. Jay Chlebek
  17. Kevin Rohn
  18. Chuck Powell
  19. Michael Vandecar
  20. Jeremy Spencer
B Main
  1. Michael Vandecar
  2. Doug Helsel
  3. Kevin Lipp
  4. Tracy Kile
  5. Derek Crandall
  6. Willis McKenzie
  7. Matt Carlisle
  8. Harper Hotchkiss
  9. Calvin Jacques
  10. Doug McKeown, Sr
B Main
  1. Drew Wilkerson
  2. Troy Goodrich
  3. Jerid Bisson
  4. Tyler Brillhart
  5. Shane Spencer
  6. Dean Ogden
  7. James McKeown
  8. Brandon Weber
  9. Wayne Simmons
Heat 1
  1. Jasen Wiley
  2. Jeremy Spencer
  3. Chuck Powell
  4. Rob Brillhart
  5. Derek Crandall
  6. James McKeown
  7. Calvin Jacques
  8. Tyler Brillhart
  9. Michael Vandecar
  10. Shane Spencer
Heat 2
  1. Aaron Spearling
  2. Derek Poland
  3. Don Rohn
  4. Mike Chlebek, Jr
  5. Drew Wilkerson
  6. Tracy Kile
  7. Troy Goodrich
  8. Harper Hotchkiss
  9. Dean Ogden
  10. Willis McKenzie
Heat 3
  1. Dan Wilson
  2. Josh Sternberg
  3. Jay Chlebek
  4. Kevin Rohn
  5. Matt Carlisle
  6. Jerid Bisson
  7. Kevin Lipp
  8. Brandon Weber
  9. Doug Helsel
  10. Wayne Simmons
  11. Doug McKeown, Sr


August 9 Results

Kyle Prochazka - Street Stock , Feature Winner, August 9, 2014
Kyle Proc …
Kyle Prochazka duplicated his win in the Street Stock event as he
edged out Derek Crandall for the checker. Mike VanderMark, Jr. came home third, followed by Joel Field, Ryan Lewis, Dave Hofmann, Sr., Doug McKeown, Sr., Kevin Lipp, Scott Haney, and Trevor Monk.
VanderMark, Jr. made the main feature by winning the B Main and heats were taken by Crandall and Mike Chlebek, Jr.

Kyle Prochazka - Street Stock, Feature Winner, August 2, 2014
Kyle Proc …
Make Up Features from August 2: 


Kyle Prochazka battled a determined Mike VanderMark, Jr. and finally took the win to tighten his grip on the Street Stock points lead. Kevin Rohn came home third, followed by Derek Crandall, Matt Dora, Scott Haney, Joel Field, Ryan Buechler, Doug McKeown, Sr., and Christina Haney.
Dave Hofmann, Sr. and Prochazka scored heats.

VanderMark Jr Over Alexander For Feature

Mark VanderMark, Street Stocks Feature Winner, July 19, 2014
Mark Vand …
July 19, 2014 - Mike Vandermark, Jr. fought off a tenacious. Ryan Alexander to win the Street Stock division feature over Jasen Wiley, Derek Crandall, Dennis Parker, Alex Richards, Joel Field, Doug McKeown, Sr., Scott Haney, and Troy Goodrich. 


Field and Wiley posed for heat win photos. 

August 16 Results

Jasen Wiley, Street Stock - Feature Winner, August 16, 2014
Jasen Wil …
Jasen Wiley was the winner in a tough race in the Street Stocks as he won over Kyle Prochazka, Doug McKeown, Troy Goodrich, Gary Carman, Joel Field, Kevin Rohn, Matt Dora, Christina Haney, and Bree Brasington.
VanderMark and Dennis Parker won heats.
Prochazka holds a very narrow three point edge over VanderMark with the championship night looming. McKeown is about 30 points back, followed by Derek Crandall and Haney.

July 26 Results

Kyle Prochazka - Street Stock, Feature Winner, July 26, 2014
Kyle Proc …
Kyle Prochazka went home with the win in the Street Stock division with a win over Dennis Parker, Andrew Fidler, Derek Crandall, Joel Field, Alex Richards, Matt Dora, Caden Foster, Troy Goodrich, and Jeff Dygert.
Doug McKeown, Sr. and Dave Hofmann, Jr. went home with heat victories.

July 5 Results

Dennis Park - Street Stock Feature Winner, July 5, 2014
Dennis Pa …
 Dennis Parker got out front early in the Street Stock feature and then spent virtually every second he held that lead fighting to keep it. Jasen Wiley and Derek Crandall finished second and third but they were no more than a few feet behind the eventual winner most of the event. Kyle Prochazka was fourth, followed by Ryan Alexander, Mike Vandermark, Jr., Kevin Rohn, Doug McKeown, Sr., Eric Lake, and Alex Richards.
Alexander and Dave Hofmann, Jr. took heat wins