June 14 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Jay Cheblek - Street Stock, Feature Winner, June 14, 2014
Jay Chebl …
The Street Stock division saw Kevin Rohn and Dennis Parker battle for the lead with Rohn leading the first laps. Joel Field, Doug McKeown, and Kyle Prochazka made up the top five. Parker began to challenge for the lead but got loose as he tried to pull under Rohn in turn one and went spinning. Rohn pulled out front with McKeown tight behind him with Prochazka, Mike VanderMark, and Jay Chlebek.
Chlebek got a huge run and went flying to the front with Prochazka following. Rohn went spinning in the turn four entrance, bringing out the caution.
Chlebek, Prochazka, VanderMark, Derek Crandall, and McKeown took the green with only three to go with Chlebek holding to a tight but solid lead. Another caution with two remaining saw Chlebek once again grabbing that top spot and he held on to win over Prochazka, VanderMark, Crandall, Parker, Field,  
McKeown, Alex Richards, Alex Richards Sr., and Christina Haney. Chlebek and Rohn took heat gold.

Official Results - Street Stocks, June 14, 2014


  1. Jay Chlebek
  2. Kyle Prochazka
  3. Mike Vandermark, Jr
  4. Derek Crandall
  5. Dennis Parker
  6. Joel Field
  7. Doug McKeown, Sr
  8. Alex Richards
  9. Ricky Smith Sr
  10. Christina Haney
  11. Travis Carman
  12. Kevin Rohn
  13. Mark Bohannon
  14. Darin Foster
  15. Bobby Reed
Heat 1
  1. Jay Chlebek
  2. Dennis Parker
  3. Mark Bohannon
  4. Bobby Reed
  5. Travis Carman
  6. Mike Vandermark, Jr
  7. Alex Richards
  8. Derek Crandall
Heat 2
  1. Kevin Rohn
  2. Doug McKeown, Sr
  3. Kyle Prochazka
  4. Joel Field
  5. Ricky Smith Sr
  6. Christina Haney
  7. Darin Foster