June 21 Results

Written by Lee Wonnacott.

Dennis Parker, Street Stock - Feature Winner, June 21, 2014
Dennis Pa …
The first fight of the night was the Street Stock event with Dennis Parker staking out the early lead and by lap six, he was lapping some of the slower cars. Mike VanderMark Jr, moved forward to claim second with Mark Bohannon, Kyle Prochazka and Joel Field making up the top five.
A caution bunched the field and VanderMark used it to begin to harass the leader. With the top two racing each other, Prochazka also began to make his way into a position to challenge for the lead. VanderMark pulled under the leader under the white and almost into the lead but Parker held on to lead from green to checker over VanderMark, Prochazka, Bohannon, Field, Troy Goodrich, Doug McKeown, Sr., Alex Richards,
Ryan Lewis, and Christina Haney. Field and Parker went home
with heat gold.

Official Results - Street Stocks, June 21, 2014


  1. Dennis Parker
  2. Mike Vandermark, Jr
  3. Kyle Prochazka
  4. Mark Bohannon
  5. Joel Field
  6. Troy Goodrich
  7. Doug McKeown, Sr.
  8. Alex Richards
  9. Ryan Lewis
  10. Christina Haney
  11. Kevin Rohn
  12. Kevin Rohn, Jr
  13. Eric Lake
  14. Darin Foster
  15. Travis Carman
  16. Trevor Monk 
Heat 1
  1. Joel Field
  2. Troy Goodrich
  3. Kyle Prochazka
  4. Kevin Rohn, Jr.
  5. Eric Lake
  6. Kevin Rohn
  7. Darin Foster
  8. Christina Haney 
Heat 2
  1. Dennis Parker
  2. Doug McKeown, Sr
  3. Mike Vandermark, Jr
  4. Mark Bohannon
  5. Alex Richards
  6. Ryan Lewis
  7. Travis Carman
  8. Trevor Monk