the 'Off Season' Plan

September 30 - Temperatures are dropping with the leaves and we slide from summer into fall and then winter. You know, those days when ice is up around your ankles, snow is above your *** and your mood drops below both.  We hate it too! 

The plan for the off season between 2014 and 2015 is to bring a limited amount of new content to you in the form of stories about CMS drivers and teams and their plans for the next season.  

The number of viewers for our live stream coverage of CMS events this year surprised even us. The Great Lakes Nationals drew an audience of about 20,000 unique viewers, with the peak at one time just about 15,000.  Weekly Saturday night shows were peaking around 8,000. Thanks to everybody that clicked onto the live link, it reinforces our belief that live streaming of sports events can have a substantial audience.

Our goal in 2015 is to start polishing the product by ensuring a better upload signal from the track and working to provide a more professional presentation for online and ROKU viewers.  Yes, we feed a ROKU channel with the live stream.  



Fire on the front stretch wall!Sometimes it is a good thing to pay attention to Roger. When he shouts, "Stay away from the fence!" it might be due to a crash with unexpected results. In this case it's a fire... and your hair wouldn't be the only thing singed . .. 

Correct Transponder?

CMS is using the Westhold transponder system, so whatever transponder you might find has to be compatible. The AMB transponders won't be compliant. If you have questions, call the office at 989-235-5200.

What Is An Image License?

Simply put, it's a way to keep all of us happy.

For years my photographers and I have struggled to educate our customers about US and International copyright laws. There are a large number of photographic print buyers that believe a couple of dollars paid to buy the print gives them the absolute right to scan that image and use it however they want. They take their scan to the local Walmart to make copies. They put the image on their web site without giving a photographers credit, even claiming the copyrights and their own. And a few (you KNOW who you are) have even offered bootleg copies for sale to others. To paraphrase an old commercial, "Got Brass?"