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Thank YOU! - Great Lakes Nationals In The Books!  

Mike Burkin took the win in the Michigan Tradional Sprints, Zack Olger had a great race to win the KFC Late Models, Taylor Runions completed the 2014 season with a win in the ROTW Flinn Stocks, Johnny Deyoung Jr won an exciting race as he took home the big money in the Port City Racecar IMCA Modified event while AJ Ward cinched the season championship, John Taylor scored the Port City Racing Pro Stocks, Mike Seaman took his second feature of the season in the Engine Pro Pro Trucks, and Kyle Prochazka went from crew member to driver for the GLN and took home the checkers in the final race of 2014.

This completes the 2014 season at Crystal Motor Speedway. Seasons come and seasons go and 2014 was one of the memorable ones. Promoter Ron Flinn would like to thank all the fans, drivers, crew members, and sponsors for making this season worthwhile. The next 'event' is the awards banquet, held on January 10th, 2015. Watch this website or call the office at 989.235.5200 for further information. More info and photos iside!


There is an updated version of the "General Rules" available in a pdf format HERE. I'll try to get it on a page of its own shortly. A printable page of the CMS schedule can be found here:   

In case you wanted to watch the replay of the latest race, GO HERE.  You can use our exclusive DVR function to jump to any point of the race by clicking on the line directly below the video.

Unfortunately, front gate admission prices will rise to $12 on 'regular nights' and $15 on 'special nights.' Kids will remain at $5. A season grandstand pass can be obtained for $220. Pit passes remain at $25. In probably the best deal of the year, a family pass for two adults and two kids is only $25! Drivers and their cars must be checked no later than 5:45PM. Due to the tight time schedule, you may only 'call in - check in' once a month.

Get the latest versions of the revised versions of the the Pro Truck rules, Street Stock rules, and the Pro Stock rules.

As announced at the banquet, there is a new rule for the Pro Trucks:

OPTIONAL TRANSMISSION RULE Bert type transmissions will be allowed. If a Bert type transmission is used, you must add an additional 50 lbs on each side in front of the engine plate. Weight may be adjusted for competitive quality. NO BALL SPLINE TRANSMISSIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.

If you can't make it to the track, you can use our exclusive DVR option to see all of the LIVE action or see the replay immediately after the race by visiting this page and then using the slider bar to jump around by visiting this LINK

Special thanks to our long time partners,Engine Pro and ARP for their continued support in bringing you live coverage of the race night events. If you haven't filled out your "Pay Dirt" application from Engine Pro, now is a good time to do so! CLICK HERE for info!

For those that intend to have minors entering the pits, here is the minor release form to have pre-filled out. PLEASE NOTE! "Legal" people say you need to do one of two things. Fill it out and have it notarized or fill it out but don't sign it until you are at the track so track officials can countersign it. Other forms will be posted here shortly.


May 7, 2011 Highlights

Crystal, MI - Saturday night at Crystal Motor Speedway was still a cool spring night but the fans didn’t seem to mind. The night was sponsored by H & H Excavating.

The Engine Pro Pro Trucks lead off the features as Bob Griffin grabbed the early lead and soon opened a ten length lead. Ashlee Scott, Scott Nieman, Allen Welch, and Tim Wood were in a big group behind him.

A spin in turn two took away a decent lead but when the green fell again, Griffin took off but got immediate pressure from Nieman. Wood moved to second with four to go only to get loose and fall back behind Neiman and Carl Thayer. Griffin cruised on to take the win over Nieman, Thayer, Wood, Dave Verhaar, Scott, and Dave Peters. Griffin and Chance Allen marked up heat wins.

Pro Trucks - Points

Pos Car No Driver Points
1 72 Scott Nieman 77
2 45 David Verhaar 76
3 40 Tim Wood 74
4 5 David Dancer 71
5 66G Robert Griffin 69
6 55 Dave Peters 68
6 7S Ashlee Scott 68
8 35 Richard Melton (R) 65
8 73 Carl Thayer 65
10 37 Gaven Parks 62
11 2 Chance Allen (R) 61
12 14 Allen Welch 60
13 38 James McKeown 56
14 24D Kevin Deal 39

Joshua Knoll jumped out front in the opening laps of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Model feature but it was Jeff Kohn flying up from mid pack that caught the eye the fans. A series of quick cautions slowed the early action but it didn’t take long before Kohn was making a charge toward the front and finally made the pass for the lead on the high side coming out of two. Knoll was able to keep Kohn in his sights but was never able to reel him in as Kohn took the checkers over Knoll, Matt Pickard, Mike Nugent, Mickey Carmen Jr., Kyle Borgman, Mark Andersen, Keith Gentz, Roger Wing, and Tom Dusen. Pickard and Carl Ries came away as heat winners.

Late Models - Points

Pos Car No Driver Points
1 25 Jeff Kohn 77
2 72 Kyle Borgman 75
3 43 Mike Nugent 72
4 55 Matt Pickard 71
4 8 Keith Gentz 71
6 10 Tom Dusen 70
7 55W Roger Wing 68
7 85 Mark Andersen 68
7 87K Joshua Knoll 68
10 31JR Mickey Carman, Jr. 67
11 6R Carl Ries 61
12 0M Milt Montgomery 56
13 15M Justin McNeill 30
13 9 Dean Huizenga 30
15 XL Tim Lytle 27
16 45B Brad Buskirk 26
17 50 Scott Philips 25

The Engine Pro IMCA Modifieds opening laps saw a tight battle between Chad Wernette, Brody Bowser, and Myron DeYoung. Bowser kept a small lead but had his hands full all the way around the track. Wernette took the bottom groove coming out of four to gain the lead with Bowser and DeYoung still tight behind. A caution closed up an already tight field with five to go. Wernette and DeYoung took off together but Wernette was unstoppable, coming away with the win. DeYoung was second, followed by Bowser, Jerry Hunt, Josh Borton, Chad Maurer, AJ Ward, Aaron Raby, Nate Jones, and Mike Shanteau. Raby, Rusty Zeigler took the B Main and DeYoung, and Ward scored heats.

IMCA Modifieds - Points

Pos Car No Driver Points

1 20W A.J. Ward 73
2 111 Josh Borton 71
2 54M Chad Maurer 71
4 76 Greg Wiles 69
5 11 Mike Shanteau 68
6 8 Jerry Hunt 66
7 K9 Chad Precord 64
8 615 Chad Wernette 63
8 42 Dan Minikey Jr. 63
10 04 Aaron Raby 61
10 90V Robert Hutson 61
12 776 Rusty Zeigler 59
12 78 Brody Bowser 59
14 7D Myron DeYoung 55
15 112 Jason Borton 50
15 24 Clifford Denman 50
17 79 Nate Jones 47
17 88 Ken Haddix 47
19 10W Dan Wiggins, Sr. 46
19 12K Rodney King 46

The Street Stocks, sponsored by The Smokers Club of Mt Pleasant, saw one of the best finishes of the night as James Prochazka, Tim Buskirk and Bill Wilkins battled for the lead spot. Several times the battle for the lead went three wide several times, allowing JR Schmid to hustle to the front fight along with Will Stanley. As the checker was about to fall, Stanley made one last charge and was able to nip the field in an excellent race. James Prochazka settled for second, followed by Kyle Prochazka, Schmid, Luke Sickles, Zach Hoyt, Shane Spencer, Doug Helsel, Buskirk, and Wilkins. George Wease and Schmid posed for heat winner photos.

Street Stocks - Points

Pos Car No Driver Points
1 02 Will Stanley 40
2 06 James Prochazka 39
3 96P Kyle Prochazka 38
4 31J J.R. Schmid 37
5 34 Luke Sickles 36
6 15LJ Zach Hoyt 35
7 99 Shane Spencer 34
8 99H Doug Helsel 33
9 13 Tim Buskirk 32
10 76 William Wilkins, Jr. 31
11 III Larry Bulson III 30
12 42 Mike Vandermark, Jr. 29
13 21T Kyle Thomas 28
14 21W George Wease 27
15 310J Joe Eller 26
16 12 Brandon King 25
17 0 Caden Foster 24
18 89F Jeff Fisher 23
19 84 Eric Watz 22

The Flinn Stocks, sponsored by Races On The Web, saw Chris DeCamp jump out front followed by Zach Rummer, and Taylor Daniels. Daniels made a good move to take the lead by the third lap and he never looked back. DeCamp was second but found Rummer and Austin Bean closing quickly on him. Once out front, Daniels was untouchable and went on to win over Bean, Rummer, Tyler McGhan, DeCamp, Garrett Wiles, Neil Zeigler, Matt Daggett, Felicia Rohn, and Kyle McGhan. Bean grabbed the heat win.

Flinn Stocks - Points
Pos Car No Driver Points
1 7 Taylor Daniels 80
2 77B Austin Bean 78
3 18 Tyler McGhan 74
3 69JR Zach Rummer 74
5 16 Garrett Wiles 70
5 67D Chris DeCamp 70
7 776 Neil Zeigler 66
8 55 Matt Daggett 64
8 81M Kyle McGhan 64
10 23 Felicia Rohn 61
11 4 Taylor Wiles 38
12 81T Brian Trite 30
13 00R Alex Richards 28

Derek Schestag grabbed the lead of the Port City Pro Stock feature, followed by Barry Rinard, Blake Hollenbeck, Rodney Heikkila, Guy Hommerding, Schestag held the lead for several laps but Rinard came under him in turns one and two to take it away. By this time, Chaney Newland had worked his way from 11th to second followed closely by Mike Husted. Rinard fought off Newland for several laps as Vern Buskirk also joined the fray and the front four cars were barely separated. A spinner in turn two tightened up an already super tight field and when the green fell, Rinard jumped back to the lead. Just as he began a move to pass, Newland broke, leaving Rinard all alone out front. Husted and Buskirk began to close in on him but he held his ground. A final caution for a car into the wall with three to go set the stage for a wild finish. Husted almost pulled even with the leader but Rinard was not to be denied. He was followed by Husted, Buskirk, Larry Kosloski, Hollenbeck, Scott Bouck, Jacob Headley, Chad Raby, Gary Buskirk, and Newland. Gordon Snyder won the B Main with heat gold going to Schestag, and Heikkila.

Pro Stocks - Points 
Pos Car No Driver Points
1 26 Barry Rinard 78
2 B76 Vern Buskirk 77
3 45 Mike Husted 76
4 54 Chaney Newland 71
5 25 Jacob Headley 70
6 1* Gary Buskirk 67
7 3 Scott Bouck 66
7 77H Bret Hollenbeck 66
9 4 Guy Hommerding 59
10 17 Gordon Snyder 58
11 52K Ryan Kent 56
12 88 Todd Bush 55
13 3H Rodney Heikkila 54
14 17M Robert McDonald, Sr. 50
15 24 Reb Marble 48
16 17D Derek Schestag 46
16 44H Blake Hollenbeck 46
18 310 Bobby Lynn 45
19 65 Don Rohn 42
20 33 Doug McKeown, Sr. 37

Late Models Points Leaders

1. Scott Baker - 510
2. M Pickard - 482
3. J Borton (R) - 478
4. Zack Olger - 413
5. D Huizenga - 411


Pro Stock Points Leaders

1. Josh Loomis - 584
2. J. Playter - 541
3. R. Brillhart - 535
4. Don Rohn - 530
5. B Hollenbeck - 525

IMCA Mods Points Leaders

1. A.J. Ward - 633
2. M DeYoung - 605
3  C Wernette - 579
4. J DeYoung Jr - 568
5. Jimmy Hale Jr - 525

Street Stock Points Leaders

1   K Prochazka - 634
2. M VanderMark - 611
3. D McKeown Sr - 577
4. D Crandall - 510
5. Christina Haney - 508

Pro Truck Points Leaders

1. Nate Jones - 643
2. Curtis Rice - 617
3. P Grosnickle (R) - 598
4. R Paradise - 580
5. J McKeown - 543

Flinn Stock Points Leaders

  • 1. Nathan Sage - 555
    2. R Carlson - 548
    3. T Runions (R) - 520
    4. C. Everingham - 493
    5. Justin Stahl - 423